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Join GICS for an Action Planning Forum on Mitigating the Impact of COVID-19 on Children's Surgery, 4 June at 15:00 BST. For more information:
#GlobalSurgery #ChildrensSurgery

The Annual APSA Meeting will be virtual this year and free for participants. More accessible for a great number of people. To register:
@APSASurgeons @GICSurgery #globalsurgery

@MOHFiji @HarvardPGSSC @AmCollSurgeons @WHOWPRO @Seed_Global @keepark @JohnMeara @ICNurses @AmCollSurgeons @JNJGlobalHealth @laurahoemeke @eaameh @emakasa @drcdevries @GICSurgery

On our website you can find up to date resources on #COVID19 related to #children's #surgery globally #globalhealth #globalsurgery @CovidSurg @GlobalSurg @WOFAPS @BAPS1953 @BAPS_IAC @eaameh @JohnMeara @theG4Alliance @GlobalHealth @GlobalPaedSurg @NKaseje

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