GICS IV: Posters and Oral Presentations


At GICS IV posters will be displayed throughout the conference, to enable all participants to share their work and learn from others.

We plan to print the posters in A1 size at a local shop in Johannesburg, so you will not need to bring the posters with you.

To submit a poster, please use the PowerPoint template we have designed.  Email the poster in PowerPoint format to Dr Katrine Lofberg prior to the deadline of 31 December 2019.

Oral presentations

Please use the following Powerpoint template when preparing your talk for GICS IV:

GICS Powerpoint template

Poster instructions

Click here to download the PowerPoint template.

Types of content that can be presented:

  • Research studies
  • Unusual and rare cases
  • Innovative projects

Font can not be smaller than 36pt

Please use the template provided, but:

  • You are free to choose the slide background and colors
  • It is ok to change the size of the text boxes to fit your content
  • It is ok to add pictures, graphs and figures

Keep it concise!

  • Bullet points are very useful in helping to limit word use

Maintain the size of this slide

  • The posters will be printed in Johannesburg as horizontal A1
    (23.4 x 33.1 inches or 594 x 841 mm)