GICS IV: Program

Strategies for Implementation

GICS IV will build upon prior meetings and accomplishments, such as the publication of the Optimal Resources for Children’s Surgery (OReCS), and will focus on strategies for implementing changes and supporting the inclusion of children in National Surgical, Obstetrics, and Anesthesia Plans.

We plan a full 2-day conference to include sharing of successes and partnerships, breakout sessions, and networking, to include all providers who support and provide children’s surgical care.

Preliminary program is as follows:


16 January
Arrival and Check In
Registration and sign up for breakout sessions

17 January
Welcome and introduction

Celebration of successes

  • Nicaragua OpSmile | Wesley Sequira, Vincent Were 
  • Vellore-RCSE Collaboration | Richard Stewart, Vrisha Madhuri
  • Vidawasi Children’s Hospital | Lily Saldana
  • Global PaedSurg + Gastroschisis Intervention Study | Naomi Wright, Intisar Hisham
  • Congenital Anomalies Working Group | Tahmina Banu
  • Trauma Working Group | Abdel Basit 
  • ASOS Peds (African Surgical Outcomes Study–Pediatrics | Alex Torborg
  • Training Modules Resource Repository | Sabina Siddiqui, Alexis Bowder
  • GICS Research Projects | Dan Poenaru, Emily Smith
  • Essential Children’s Surgery Project | Lubna Samad
  • GICS Publications | Keith Oldham, Henry Rice
  • OReCS Document | Emmanuel Ameh
Tea breaks:
Poster viewing
Simulations:  Gastroschisis cotside reduction and closure, umbilical vein cannulation

Breakout sessions by subspecialty:  Methods for implementation of OReCS, Essential Surgical Procedures, and Development of Training Modules

Implementation of Children’s Surgery Programs

  • Lifebox | Kris Torgeson and Faye Evans
  • Ohana One Burns Project | Pedro Santos
  • RunFree 2030:  A Global Strategy to End Clubfoot Disability | Norgrove Penny
  • Indian Extrophy Group | Pramod Reddy
  • Mobile Outreach | Britta Budde-Schwartzman
  • SmileTrain | Erin Steiber, Faye Evans
  • ReSurge | Speaker to be confirmed
  • CURE | Chris Lavy and Andrew Howard
  • OpSmile | Ruben Ayala
  • Gertrude Children’s Hospital | Drs Ngwiri and Nyarango to be confirmed
Group discussion on Implementation Methods

Keynote address:  Dr Mariame Sylla, Chief of Health and Nutrition, UNICEF South Africa

Key stakeholders and partners

  • Kids OR | Garreth Wood
  • March of Dimes | Salimah Walani
  • Médecins san Frontières | Henry Rice
  • The Gift of the Givers | Ahmed Bham
  • CDH International | Dawn Ireland
  • WFSA | Zipporah Gathuya, Faye Evans
  • WFPI | Jaishree Naidoo
  • WOFAPS | David Sigalet
  • InterSurgeon | William Harkness
  • COSECSA | John Sekabira
  • Innovating Canadians for Change:  Fostering Innovations for Children’s Surgery Delivery | Abdullah Saleh
  • Disease Control Priorities Project | Dean Jamison (via Skype)
  • Fogarty Global Health Program | Speaker to be confirmed
Group discussion:  How do we get groups and organizations to work together?

Drinks Reception, sponsored by KidsOR

18 January
Moving Forward with WHO

  • Report from WHO | Neema Kaseje (video message)
  • Presentation from WHO Child Health (Skype) 
    • GICS relationship with WHO
    • Development of regional centers
    • WHO Handbook on training and development
  • Children’s Oncology Initiative Update | Hafeez Abdelhafeez
  • African Collaborative Wilms Tumor Project| Trijn Israils
  • Discussion:  How can GICS help WHO implement their projects?
Research Workshop
  • Asking the right questions, writing the proposal | Dan Poenaru, Adesoji Ademuyiwa
  • Choosing the right method | Emily Smith, Mubarak Shugri
  • Gathering the data, use of RedCap | Naomi Wright, Patricia Shinondo
  • Analyzing the data | Emily Smith, Mubarak Mohamed Jama, Shukri Dahir
  • Disseminating Data and Lessons of Research | Doruk Ozgediz, Nasser Kakembo, John Sekabira
Committee Meetings:  Future Directions fo GICS and Strategies for Implementation
  • Financing, Advocacy, and Policy | Lubna Samad
  • Infrastructure, Standards, and Verification | Emmanual Ameh
  • Research, Data, and Quality Improvement | Dan Poenaru, Vrisha Madhuri
  • Training, Human Resources, and Education | Sabina Siddiqui
  • Website, Networking, and Communication | Marilyn Butler
  • Ad hoc Committee:  NGO Council | Guy Jensen, facilitator
Oral Presentations from GICS Members
  • Financial Risk Protection Study | Tahmina Banu and Sarah Ullrich
  • OXPLORE study of GICS | Godfrey Sama
  • Experience Establishing National Guidelines:  Bleeding during and after Caesarian sections | Salome Maswime
  • Delivering Pediatric Surgical Care in The Philippines | Beda Espineda
  • Research on Neglected Surgical Conditions | Coleen Sabitini
Moving Forward and Future of NSOAPs
  • Introduction | Emmanuel Ameh
  • NSOAPs:  Global Progress | Che-Len Reddy, Harvard GPSSC
  • Inclusion of Children’s Surgery and Nursing:  Nigeria Experience | Justina Seyi-Olajide
  • Inclusion of Children’s Surgery:  Pakistan Experience | Lubna Samad
  • NSOAPs in the SADC Region:  Plans for Children’s Surgery? | Kathryn Chu
  • NSOAPs in the Pacific Islands:  Plans for Children’s Surgery? | Liz McLeod
  • Going Forward:  Ensuring Inclusion of Children’s Surgery in Future NSOAPs | Emmanuel Makasa
  • Role of GICS | Emmanuel Ameh
  • Discussion:  How do we use OReCS and local resources to advocate for children’s surgery to be included in national agendas?
Advocacy Session
  • Surgical Providers as Advocates:  A Toolkit | Sara Anderson
  • Engaging Philanthropy | Garreth Wood and David Cunningham
  • Using Social Media as an Advocacy Tool | Dominique Vervoort
  • Working with other advocacy groups | Erin Steiber
  • UNGA | Henry Rice, Emily Smith
  • G4 Alliance | Ruben Ayala
  • Operation Giving Back | Girma Tefera
Discussion:  Future Directions of GICS