GICS IV: Registration


Click here to be taken to our registration form.

After registering, you will then need to visit our GICS donation page to pay for your registration fees:

  • $1025 High-income countries (includes the PayPal fee of $25)
  • $300 Middle-income countries
  • $100 Low-income countries
  • $50 Nurses, allied professionals, and trainees

Registration fees will include admission to the conference, teas and lunches each day, and dinner Friday night.  High-income country providers will pay for their own accommodation, while low- and middle-income country providers will have accommodation included in the registration fee.

If you are from a high-income country and can afford to do so, we would be extremely grateful if you could donate an additional $1000 to help subsidize travel expenses for our colleagues from low- and middle-income countries.  Please indicate whether the funds should be allocated to a specific person that you are sponsoring.

Travel funds for providers from low- and middle-income countries

Click here to be taken to the travel funds application.   Complete the application, and email it to