GPSN is now the GICS Network

With the merger of GICS and the Global Paediatric Surgery Network, it seemed appropriate to re-brand GPSN as the GICS Network to reflect the inclusion of all subspecialties of children’s surgery, rather than simply general pediatric surgery.

The GICS Network will strive to provide resources for LMIC surgeons, as well as HIC surgeons wishing to work in low-resource environments.

In addition, we plan to partner with InterSurgeonto provide a mapping platform to address needs and available resources, similar to the original GPSN map.  Stay tuned for updates!

The Global Paediatric Surgery Network was founded in 2010 as a clearinghouse for humanitarian work, aiming to eliminate duplicate efforts and work together with local surgeons and others toward common goals.   The website provided resources for both LMIC and HIC pediatric surgeons working in low-resource settings. FInally, the Global Paediatric Surgery Network Collaborative emerged as a group of paediatric surgeons from around the world who were interested in promoting an agenda to improve the surgical care of chidren, through Networking, Practice, Education, Research, and Advocacy.  The GPSN Collaborative published an article entitled “The Global Paediatric Surgery Network:  A Model of Subspecialty Collaboration Within Global Surgery.”

GPSN was endorsed by the following: