Children’s Surgery Organizations

Here are listed all the known pediatric surgery organizations, along with links to the websites when available. Please contact us if you would like your organization listed here, or if you have a more up-to-date website address.

Discussion Boards

MD1World is a website created to discuss difficult cases.  The website for MD1World is secure and allows patient information, included X-rays and photographs, to be loaded in a password-protected environment.  A simple sign-in process assures that your patient’s information will not be viewed by inappropriate users of the Internet.  The first time you visit the website, click on “Join our Community of Physicians” to complete a form where your information will be reviewed before you can access content on the website.  Each time you visit the website thereafter, simply use the “Login” button to enter your user name and password.  Then under “Cases” along the left navigational bar, choose “Start a Case.”  A community of surgeons will be available to respond to your questions in a timely fashion.  You can choose to receive an email when a response has been posted.

Facebook Pediatric Surgeons’ Lounge is a private Facebook group where problematic or interesting cases can be discussed.  Descriptions of patients, photographs, and Xrays can be uploaded for input from other pediatric surgeons from around the world.  “Friend” Sameh Shehata, or search “Pediatric Surgeons’ Lounge” to become a member of the group.

Volunteer Organizations

World Surgical Foundation, led by American pediatric surgeon Domingo Alvear, sponsors several trips each year to provide healthcare for the medically underserved around the world.

Health Volunteers Overseas is an American organization that sponsors trips to train and educate local health care providers in developing countries (adults and children, medical and surgical)

Infancia Sin Fronteras is a Spanish organization that assists in child health projects in developing countries around the world.

The World Organization of Pediatric Surgery for Emerging Countries (WOPSEC) is an Italian organization which performs volunteer work throughout the world.

Surgeons Overseas (SOS) is the flagship program of the Society of International Humanitarian Surgeons, and sponsors trips to enhance surgical development programs throughout the world, mostly general surgery, but some pediatric surgery as well.

International Relief Teams is an American group that organizes volunteer teams to provide medical and non-medical assistance to victims of poverty and disasters worldwide.

Canadian Network for International Surgery (CNIS) sends Canadian surgeons to Africa to deliver care and to conduct workshops in surgical skills and injury prevention.

IVUmed provides education to pediatric and adult urologists by organizing trips  throughout the developing world.

Sick Kids No Boundaries is a program at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, where professionals deliver care and teach local surgeons, currently partnered with Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia.

IPSAC (International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children on Vietnam) has formed a partnership with Children’s Hospital 1 in Ho Chi Minh City to enhance pediatric surgical care through education and training of Vietnamese surgical colleagues.

Mending Kids provides free life-saving surgical care to sick children worldwide by deployingvolunteer medical teams and educating communities to become medically self-sustaining.

Medical Equipment Donations

Partnership for Quality Medical Donations (PQMD) is dedicated to ensuring that quality medical products are delivered to under-served people and disaster victims; website includes a map showing details of donations around the world.

MedWIsh International distributes donated medical supplies to organizations and individuals who provide medical care in developing countries.

MedShare collects surplus medical supplies and equipment from hospitals, medical distribution companies, and individuals, and redistributes them to healthcare facilities in the developing world.

Loupes Around the World provides magnifying eyeglasses for surgeons who cannot otherwise afford them, by soliciting donations and by restoring old loupes that are no longer needed.

WHO Guidelines of Medical Supplies, is intended to enhance the quality and efficiency of medical equipment donations, as many supplies and drugs are not appropriate and ultimately need to be destroyed.

Funding for Projects

Grand Challenges in Global Health provides grants funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, primarily for research in primary care.