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.@juliomayol #SoMe4Surgery #SoMe4GlobalSurgery @SoSurgery @GICSurgery
Thanks @DVervoort94 !
Let's all keep amplifying the key messages on safer surgery for children

@p_shins @emakasa @GlobalPaedSurg Excited to see @emakasa at #GICSIV @GICSurgery & to see how it will be possible to incorporate #neonates & #children into the #NSOAP pilot in the Copperbelt region in #Zambia in the near future- hopefully it can set a bar for all to follow @p_shins #globalsurgery @JohnMeara @WHO

Advocacy session @GICSurgery well received by attendees @gics kicked of by great presentation from Sara Anderson from @operationsmile and others including @theG4Alliance @DVervoort94 @NKaseje @GlobalPedSurg


@DVervoort94 @GICSurgery I am so sorry I could not be there for #GICSIV but I am so pleased to see what is transpiring due to all the hard work by @GICSurgery we need this strong leadership to advocate for children's surgical and anesthesia care

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