Global Initiative for Children's Surgery

We envision a future where every child has access to surgical care.
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We are working to build safe and effective surgical care for all of the

world’s children, no exceptions.


GICS passionately believes that every child must have access to safe surgical care.

Our mission is to define and promote optimal resources for children’s surgery in resource-poor regions.

We do this by engaging with providers of all disciplines of children’s surgical care around the world.

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GICS Webinar 19-20 February 2022

In the face of COVID-19 that prevented us from holding an in-person meeting, GICS held a very successful webinar, with nearly 60 speakers over the 2 days. 

Click here to download the full program.

Click here to view a recording of Day 1, and click here to view a recording of Day 2.


The fourth meeting of the Global Initiative for Children’s Surgery was a resounding success!  Click here to read an account of the meeting.

Also read Dr Dominique Veervoort’s followup account in Johns Hopkins Global NOW, Saving the Future through the Art of the Knife.

Due to ongoing travel restrictions, we are planning our next meeting as a virtual gathering on 19-20 February 2022.  More information will be coming soon.


What’s happening

COVID-19 Resources for GICS members

New resources have been added to the GICS website to aid members during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Click here to learn about diagnosis, treatment, infrastructure, surgery during the pandemic, care of the health care provider, wellness, return to work, social distancing,...

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GICS session at WOFAPS World Congress of Pediatric Surgery

GICS Chair Kokila Lakhoo led an inspiring session at WOFAPS, including the following: 1.Introduction--Kokila Lakhoo 2. OReCS--Haitham Dagash on behalf of Emmanual Ameh 3. OXPLORE on OReCS--Kathryn Ford 4. CMC-RCS--Vellore project Vrisha Madhuri 5. Nicaragua--Kokila...

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New GICS website launched!

Merging the old GICS website with that of the Global Paediatric Surgery Network, our new website includes the following new features: Leadership biographies GICS partnerships Publications Past newsletters Events calendar and more With the merging of GICS with the...

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Optimal Resources for Children’s Surgery paper published

Steve Bickler and colleagues have published an executive summary of the OReCS document that was refined by all GICS members, defining optimal manpower and equipment resources for the provision of children's surgery at each level of the health care system.  Click here...

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GICS paper published

Naomi Wright and other GICS members have published an article in the World Journal of Surgery article, summarizing the history and aspirations of GICS.  Click here to read the open source article.

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Did you miss the GICS Virtual Grand Rounds 10/22 Wilms Tumor webinar? You can watch it here. This webinar features presentations by trainee Leila Hartford and commentary by Nahla Kechiche and Derek Harrison. The discussion was moderated by Christa Gra...

Join the GICS Education Committee and Oncology Committee in our second Virtual Grand Rounds on 18 Oct 2022, 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM (CDT). Register for this free event, open to all, here:

Join the GICS Education Committee and Oncology Committee in our second Virtual Grand Rounds on 18 Oct 2022, 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM (CDT). Register for this free event, open to all, here:

GICS is a consortium of providers, institutions, and allies from around the globe and from a wide range of both LMICs and high-income countries. We believe that children’s surgery includes all provision of surgical care to children. Learn more:

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