The Global Initiative for Children’s Surgery is a non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status in the United States.  We strive to have half of our leadership from low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).  The current Board of Directors is as follows:


Diana Farmer

Past Chair

Kokila Lakhoo


Doruk Ozgediz


Emmanuel Ameh

Chair Elect

Neema Kaseje


At Large Directors


  • Tahmina Banu (2017-2019):  Bangladesh

  • Dan Poenaru (2017-2019):  Canada

  • Stephen Bickler (2017-2019):  USA

  • Sabina Siddiqui (2017-2019):  USA

  • Michael Cooper (2017-2019):  Australia

  • Zipporah Gathuya (2017-2020):  Kenya

  • Lily Saldana (2017-2020):  Peru

  • Patrick Kamalo (2017-2020):  Malawi

  • Rashmi Kumar (2017-2020):  Kenya

  • Bertille Ki (2017-2020):  Burkina Faso

  • Marilyn Butler (2017-2021):  USA

  • Vrishna Madhuri (2017-2021):  India

  • John Sekabira (2017-2021):  Uganda

  • Benjamin Yapo (2017-2021):  Papua New Guinea

  • Keith Oldham (2017-2021):  USA

Associate Members (Core Operations and Logistics)


  • Sarah Greenberg

  • Laura Goodman

  • Guy Jensen

  • Etienne St. Louis

  • Jamie Anderson

  • Naomi Wright



The second GICS meeting in Washington DC  was a success due to the commitment and hard work of nearly 100 participants from 40 different countries. Participants included individual care providers, representatives from non-governmental organizations, academicians, policy makers, and hospital administrators. GICS thanks everyone who attended and contributed to the work of making safe surgery available to children everywhere.