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GICS is excited to launch our Organizational Membership program. We have received repeated requests to offer this membership level for organizations that share our values and support the work of GICS. Organizations that join GICS must have similar values and a commitment to the GICS mission, which is to ensure that every child has access to safe, quality, timely, and affordable surgical, anesthetic, and nursing care. Organizational memberships allow up to eight individuals from the organization to be active members of GICS (with their individual membership dues waived). Like individual memberships, organizational memberships will renew annually. The organizational membership fees will be on a sliding scale based on the size/budget of the organization. If an organization you are associated with is interested in becoming an organizational member, the first step is to fill out the Organizational Membership Application.

For those organizations considering sponsoring the upcoming GICS V conference in Manila, Philippines, many of the sponsorship packages include Organizational membership as part of the package. If you want to learn more about Sponsoring GICS V and obtaining Organizational membership, please email us.

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